I'm not the domain admin, but I thought I could handle a simple task, and apparently I thought wrong, how I need assistance.

A computer was locked and we needed to login to shutdown a program that was locking a file.

I have done this before: I open active directory, and reset their password.

However, I reset their computer account instead.

enter image description here

I went ahead and reset the password, but when I enter it (Windows XP desktop/Server R2 domain) I get a message saying the account is not available (makes sense, I just don't know how to fix it).

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have admin access..


A reboot should work, since resetting the computer account password should set it to "Computername$". This is the default tried by computers that fail authentication.

Another quick fix is to remove and re-add it to the domain.

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    If you reset the computer account, you break the secure channel. Reboot wont work. But disjoin/rejoin will. – maweeras Jul 30 '11 at 0:08

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