I am reinstalling a Domain Controller after a hard drive failure (new backup system is already in place!) and I have come to the part where I need to re-create the group policies.

Originally we were using GP Preferences to add printers and drive mappings. For some reason I no longer see the options after re-installing the OS (Windows Server 2008 R2). I am using the same installation media that I did the first time.

I used to see another section below both Computer Configuration and User Configuration.

Am I forgetting to install/enable something?

Server 2008 R2

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I think the problem here is that you're creating a Starter GPO. I tested this out in one of my environments, and I get the same Administrative Templates when I create a new Starter GPO.

In Group Policy Management try creating a "new" policy under Group Policy Objects rather than under the Starter GPOs.

And link http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753200.aspx


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