I'm running ubuntu 11.04 with an LSI 9211-8i in IT mode with the latest firmware (10). I'm using KVM with VT-d enabled to pass the entire PCIe device through to the guest OS. I have the device disabled in the system BIOS.

When I boot my virtual machine, the adapter quits during bios initialization with the following error:

Unable to load LSI Corporation MPT BIOS
MPT BIOS Fault 0Ch encountered at adapter PCI(00h,04h,00h)
Press any key to continue...

I know the virtualization is correctly enabled. I've blacklisted the kernel modules in the host OS.

Has anyone else encountered this error? I'm about out of ideas here.


I contacted LSI tech support about this, and they suggested that I try RedHat and Xen. Apparently they don't test or support anything else.


In case anybody stumbles upon this: the solution to such a problem is to set rombar=0 in the PCI passthrough in your vm.conf:

hostpci0: 06:00.0,rombar=0

(whereas 06:00.0 is the relevant slot you want to passthrough)


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