All I want to do is a simple Hard drive clone on my Windows 2003 SBS. Last time I used this software is was a pain in the neck having to mount it on a different server and run a Ghost Cast. Is there a way to just clone the primary HD onto another one in the same way you can with Norton Ghost products?

If not, can you recommend a version of Norton Ghost that will work on SBS 2003 to simplify this process somewhat?



I thought there was a version of the old ghost32.exe included with the Ghost Solution Suite products. This tool is a lot like the old DOS-based ghost.exe and will let you perform local disk-to-disk, disk-to-image, etc, clones. I don't know that it will clone from a booted system volume, though, so you may gave to use WinPE / BartPE to boot the machine to use the software but, assuming you do it should do what you want.


GHOST is not a solution for doing a hot/running image of the SBS. Symantec System Recovery 2011 is a good solution. It can backup the entire system and then restore it to different hardware. Convert to a VM and it also makes a great general backup solution hot/running if tape is not used. Free eval here Sysetm Recovery Overview Perhpas not teh one step you asked for but generally pretty quick and easy

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