I'm trying to setup a chroot environment for myself, and it is failing. This has been reproduced on multiple versions (10.04 and 11.04) of Ubuntu. I set it up by doing:

$ mkdir -p /srv/chroot/squeeze64
$ debootstrap --arch amd64 squeeze /srv/chroot/squeeze64 http://ftp.debian.org/debian/
$ cat /etc/schroot/schroot.conf

Entry to the chroot fails as:

$ schroot -c squeeze64
E: Failed to change to directory '/var/lib/schroot/mount/squeeze64-d1d6ed5e-b217-4319-94ee-ff0422a75671': No such file or directory

I'm not sure how to debug this. What's gone wrong?

Additional information: From a verbose run.

$ schroot --verbose -c squeeze64
I: Executing ‘00check setup-start ok’
I: 00check: STAGE=setup-start
I: 00check: STATUS=ok
I: 00check: AUTH_GID=1000
I: 00check: AUTH_HOME=/home/ajtack
I: 00check: AUTH_RGID=1000
I: 00check: AUTH_RGROUP=ajtack
I: 00check: AUTH_RUID=1000
I: 00check: AUTH_RUSER=ajtack
I: 00check: AUTH_SHELL=/bin/bash
I: 00check: AUTH_UID=1000
I: 00check: AUTH_USER=ajtack
I: 00check: AUTH_VERBOSITY=verbose
I: 00check: CHROOT_DESCRIPTION=Squeeze64 (session chroot)
I: 00check: CHROOT_DIRECTORY=/srv/chroot/squeeze64
I: 00check: CHROOT_MOUNT_LOCATION=/var/lib/schroot/mount/squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6
I: 00check: CHROOT_NAME=squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6
I: 00check: CHROOT_PATH=/var/lib/schroot/mount/squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6
I: 00check: CHROOT_SCRIPT_CONFIG=/etc/schroot/default/config
I: 00check: CHROOT_SESSION_CLONE=false
I: 00check: CHROOT_SESSION_PURGE=false
I: 00check: CHROOT_TYPE=directory
I: 00check: CHROOT_UNION_TYPE=none
I: 00check: DATA_DIR=/usr/share/schroot
I: 00check: HOST=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
I: 00check: HOST_CPU=x86_64
I: 00check: HOST_OS=linux-gnu
I: 00check: HOST_VENDOR=pc
I: 00check: LIBEXEC_DIR=/usr/lib/schroot
I: 00check: MOUNT_DIR=/var/lib/schroot/mount
I: 00check: PID=25954
I: 00check: PLATFORM=linux
I: 00check: PWD=/
I: 00check: SESSION_ID=squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6
I: 00check: SETUP_DATA_DIR=/usr/share/schroot/setup
I: 00check: SYSCONF_DIR=/etc/schroot
I: 00check: VERBOSE=verbose
I: Executing ‘05file setup-start ok’
I: Executing ‘15killprocs setup-start ok’
I: Executing ‘99check setup-start ok’
E: Failed to change to directory ‘/var/lib/schroot/mount/squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6’: No such file or directory
I: Executing ‘99check setup-stop ok’
I: 99check: STAGE=setup-stop
I: 99check: STATUS=ok
I: 99check: AUTH_GID=1000
I: 99check: AUTH_HOME=/home/ajtack
I: 99check: AUTH_RGID=1000
I: 99check: AUTH_RGROUP=ajtack
I: 99check: AUTH_RUID=1000
I: 99check: AUTH_RUSER=ajtack
I: 99check: AUTH_SHELL=/bin/bash
I: 99check: AUTH_UID=1000
I: 99check: AUTH_USER=ajtack
I: 99check: AUTH_VERBOSITY=verbose
I: 99check: CHROOT_DESCRIPTION=Squeeze64 (session chroot)
I: 99check: CHROOT_DIRECTORY=/srv/chroot/squeeze64
I: 99check: CHROOT_MOUNT_LOCATION=/var/lib/schroot/mount/squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6
I: 99check: CHROOT_NAME=squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6
I: 99check: CHROOT_PATH=/var/lib/schroot/mount/squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6
I: 99check: CHROOT_SCRIPT_CONFIG=/etc/schroot/default/config
I: 99check: CHROOT_SESSION_CLONE=false
I: 99check: CHROOT_SESSION_PURGE=false
I: 99check: CHROOT_TYPE=directory
I: 99check: CHROOT_UNION_TYPE=none
I: 99check: DATA_DIR=/usr/share/schroot
I: 99check: HOST=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
I: 99check: HOST_CPU=x86_64
I: 99check: HOST_OS=linux-gnu
I: 99check: HOST_VENDOR=pc
I: 99check: LIBEXEC_DIR=/usr/lib/schroot
I: 99check: MOUNT_DIR=/var/lib/schroot/mount
I: 99check: PID=25954
I: 99check: PLATFORM=linux
I: 99check: PWD=/
I: 99check: SESSION_ID=squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6
I: 99check: SETUP_DATA_DIR=/usr/share/schroot/setup
I: 99check: SYSCONF_DIR=/etc/schroot
I: 99check: VERBOSE=verbose
I: Executing ‘15killprocs setup-stop ok’
I: 15killprocs: Killing processes run inside /var/lib/schroot/mount/squeeze64-1d8d6547-8c33-4b96-a82e-d97d697d08e6
I: Executing ‘05file setup-stop ok’
I: Executing ‘00check setup-stop ok’
  • The base system is 64bit right? You aren't trying to run a 64bit chroot on a 32bit OS? – Zoredache Aug 6 '11 at 5:48
  • Yes, the base system is definitely 64-bit. – Andres Jaan Tack Aug 6 '11 at 9:18
  • Is there something I can add to this, to help resolve? This is a showstopper for me, and I haven't been able to work around it. – Andres Jaan Tack Aug 16 '11 at 12:18
  • What happens if you run schroot with the --verbose option? What happens if you run sudo chroot /srv/chroot/squeeze64 /bin/bash? – Zoredache Aug 25 '11 at 4:28
  • 1
    Which schroot version are you running? What is your current working directory when running schroot? – quanta Nov 8 '11 at 10:54

as i am see it is a bug

you should try to run the schroot command from the / directory or anyother but not some directory under /home.

  • The comments on that bug tracker link seems to indicate that the behavior is intentional, and the only issue, is the errors are not verbose enough. So calling it a bug doesn't seem quite accurate. – Zoredache Nov 23 '11 at 20:00

Go to the bash binary in your chroot-environment. Use ldd bash to check for the required libaries. Are all those libraries present in your chroot-lib-path?

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