I've designed my own 'latest news' page for my site - and I'm trying to keep the URL's clean.

(eg) It should look like this :


When someone links to the article, they sometimes mess it up and do :


So what I have been doing is looking for "http://www.domain.com/21" and 301 (moved permantly) redirecting to the proper url + adding a canonical meta tag for it.

Is this going overboard?

Should I instead be using a (302 Found) header - and just let the canonical tag tell search engines what the proper URL for the article is?

What is the best way of handling this?


User agents don't send the fragment (i.e. what's after the #) to the server, so you can't actually detect this. In any case, I'm pretty sure that search engines understand what the fragment is and don't consider it a different URL.

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