i want to disable delete option of unison in other word i want unison tool always copy file [don't delete anything]. I read manual but i can not find what i need .

for example we have two folder folder1 and folder2

1- the first time :- folder1 contain text.txt

2- run unison :- text.txt copied to folder2

3- delete text.txt from folder2

4- run unison :- the current case file text.txt deleted from folder1 but i want to copy text.txt again to folder1

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Unison is a 2-ways synchronization tool. If you only want to synchronize in one-way, take a look at --force, --prefer option or use rsync for alternative.


There's now a -nodeletion option that prevents unison from deleting files on one of the roots, or to both roots if you need that.

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