I am trying to map a java web application named "Cricket_rank_inspector" to the domain www.CRRI.com/cri

I plan to add the following 2 records to the httpd.conf (under section of VHOST for CRRI.com)

ProxyPass /cri ajp:// ProxyPassReverse /wri ajp://

Am I correct in assuming that the above will enable http://www.CRRI.com/cri -> Java Web app.

What will be the exact URL of the web app as per my example? Also, do I need to configure something in Tomcat for assigning this specific domain (CRRI.com) to my web app? Because currently I am using IP address and Port also, when invoking this web application.

Any help and guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks, Arvind.


use "ProxyPreserveHost" if you define Virtual Host on your tomcat server.xml,

ProxyPreserveHost On   
ProxyPass /cri ajp:// 
ProxyPassReverse /cri ajp://

if you are not define virtual host, your 2 lines config above should be enough

  • ok, i did what you have advised, now when I type in CRRI.com/cri -> it changes to CRRI.com/Cricket_Rank_Inspector. However I am getting an error in Internet Explorer "Oops link appears to be broken"-- does this mean that I have to use port number also if I want it to resolve to the java web app? Ideally I dont want to use port number, but even more important is not to use port 80 for java, becuase this creates security issues on the server. – Arvind Aug 4 '11 at 14:37
  • are you able to access from apache www.CRRI.com ?. what is your ServerName on apache ?, is CRRI.com or www.CRRI.com ?, could you try www.CRRI.com/cri ?. – chocripple Aug 4 '11 at 15:14
  • hello, i am not able to access at IP:8009. I can access IP:8080 or CRRI.com:8080 ... (CRRI is just an example, if you want i can give you the exact value of domain name and IP)...So currently I am able to access at crri.com:8080/, but I want to be able to specify url without the port number ( and without tomcat using port 80 which causes security risk)...is this possible? – Arvind Aug 4 '11 at 15:22
  • so you have CRRI.com:80 and CRRI.com:8080, and you want to access CRRI.com:8080/Cricket_Rank_Inspector to CRRI.com/cri right ?. just add ProxyPass /cri http :// ProxyPassReverse /cri http :// it should be working – chocripple Aug 4 '11 at 15:32
  • i have one final question- if i use the IP as in your message, then should I install "Cricket_rank_Inspector" under the IP of my server, or should I install it under CRRI.com virtual host defined in Tomcat? – Arvind Aug 5 '11 at 8:15

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