I've run into a dilemma, not sure of the best way to tackle it.

Here's how I got to where I am now.

  • We had an Exchange 2007 setup previously in Site A
  • I recently installed Exchange 2010, also in Site A
  • SSL certificate was purchased, etc. basically everything was set up and I was ready to move mailboxes
  • For various reasons it was decided that Exchange 2010 should be run from Site B instead

I thought this should be no problem, I can uninstall Exchange 2010, leaving 2007, then simply install 2010 in Site B, no problem.

Except for the problem:

  • I can't uninstall Exchange 2010, because there are arbitration mailboxes in the Exchange 2010 mailbox database.
  • I cannot move these to the 2007 server because arbitration mailboxes on a 2010 mailbox database and "can't be move to versions of Exchange earlier than Exchange 2010"

So..... is there some way I can install Exchange 2010 in Site B while its still installed in Site A, but still use the same public-facing DNS name for OWA/EWS/etc? Or must I use a different name and write off the cost of the SSL certificate that would no longer be used?


If I was needing to do that I would:

  • Install Exchange 2010 in site B
  • Migrate any 2010 mailboxes to this server
  • Decommission Exchange 2010 server in site A
  • Setup DNS records to point records for the old 2010 server to the new one
  • Setup the SSL cert on new server
  • Profit!

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