I'm writing a shell script to copy gigabytes of data from directory A to directory B.

The script runs just fine, but it's absolutely eating the available resources - presumably disc read/writes?

Is there some way of throttling processes to limit their resource usage for disc / processor / ram etc?


Linux kernel has different scheduling classes for I/O. Use ionice command to benefit from them.

For example

ionice -c 3 your_copy_script.sh

would run your script in idle class, meaning script would only get I/O time whenever no other process needs it.

If you need to modify an already running process,

ionice -c 3 -p pid_of_your_program

would do it. See man ionice for more information.

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  • Don't forget to ensure the CFQ scheduler is selected. From the man page: "Linux supports io scheduling priorities and classes since 2.6.13 with the CFQ io scheduler." – Stu Thompson Apr 4 '12 at 10:45

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