I have just bought a new domain name through Crazy Domains, but not DNS routing.

At the moment the name servers are pointing to Crazy Domain, but I would like web traffic to go to my own IP address.

Do I need to purchase the DNS hosting options? Or can I change the name server to my IP?

Thanks for any help.


You will need to point DNS for the domain to a DNS server. You can use Crazy Domains DNS servers, find a 3rd party or host your own. I'd suggest you use Crazy Domains DNS.


You will need DNS servers - at two different IP addresses. Either you can host your own (again though, you will need at least 2 IP addresses for your nameservers) or you can use your registrar's or you can use one of the free DNS services.

Take a look at How to assign a domain name to my server box's IP Address? for a list of some free DNS providers and additional information.

I would recommend the free DNS providers if your registrar does not provide DNS for free.

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