I have a bunch of Windows Servers that run a bunch of apps, that log into local text files.

I want to aggregate these text files into a centralized log server, where I can search them. Building something like that is trivial, but before reinventing the wheel I wonder if there is already something?

Would rsyslog help? Is there even a Windows Version of it?

It needs to run on Windows Server 2008.


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Splunk? http://www.splunk.com You get the centralized logging and searching all together, and there is a windows version


I'm a fan of Kiwi Syslog they have been bought by SolarWinds who hid the free version here

  • I want to secure the communication between client and server. Hence, I was looking at a rsyslog server vs syslog server.
    – user42327
    May 6, 2010 at 16:12

You can use rsyslog under cygwin if that's acceptable.

Now you just need to make sure that your applications use the syslog protocol to do their logging.


Splunk index the log files and help you fastly search. To push all the Windows log files to syslog server you need an agent. Datagram SyslogAgent likely is the best option. Also give Snare Agent or NTSyslog a try if you want.

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