I'm planning to upgrade my Exchange 2007 environment to Exchange 2010. As part of my planning process, I ran the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer, and it came up with the following error:

Server name is running Exchange 2000. This server must be decommissioned or upgraded to Exchange Server 2003 before Exchange Server 2010 can be installed into the organization.

The server that turned up in the scan does not exist in our environment, and as far as I can tell, the organization hasn't used Exchange 2000 for a few years. I wasn't with the organization at the time, so I don't know if my predecessor (or the consultants he hired) decommissioned Exchange 2000 correctly.

I came across a posting in the Microsoft Technet forums that say to use ADSIEdit to delete that server from Configuration...>Services...>Microsoft Exchange..>ORG...>First Admin Group..>Administrative Group..>Servers..>

Are there any drawbacks to doing this? Will this have any effect on mail flow? Is there a way for me to back up that object (like backing up a registry key before making a change) before doing the delete, or do I need to do a system state backup and authoritative restore?


As long as the device is really gone, by all means, strip the old cruft objects out of AD.

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