net stop "windows update"

this works for a while but then the service starts again. What is restarting this service and how do I prevent it from doing so?

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Stop it and disable it.

sc stop wuauserv
sc config wuauserv start= disabled

You will need to open command prompt as administrator or you will get "access denied." The space after the start= is mandatory, sc will complain if the space is omitted. It may be worth noting that any services, or programs, which depend upon a disabled service will themselves fail to start, or experience anomalous behavior.

Check the System event log for event ID 7036 from Service Control Manager for wuauserv entering running state. It's likely another service has wuauserv marked as a dependency and is starting it as needed.

  • I actually only want to disable it until the next reboot. But I guess I can run "sc config wuauserv start= enabled" on startup. The only issue is the annoying UAC prompt that would happen every startup. No luck figuring out who is restarting it; no other service started at the same time in the event log. – Jon Aug 14 '11 at 3:42

Windows 8 have a Scheduled Task:

Task Scheduler Library
:---- Microsoft
      :---- Windows
            :---- Windows Update

There is a task: "Scheduled Start". Just right-click on it and choose Disable.

go to run type regedit

navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows NT\Svchost

double click netsvcs and look for the name of the service in our case its wuauserv

delete the keyword wuauserv and Press OK

close the registry and restart


I haven't figured out what is restarting wuauserv or how to prevent it from restarting, but here is an AutoHotkey script that will periodically check and sop it.

interval = 180                  ; execution interval in seconds

Menu, Tray, Add                 ; divider line
Menu, Tray, Add, Execute Now, StopService
Menu, Tray, Default, Execute Now
timer_param := -1000 * interval

    Run %comspec% /c "sc query wuauserv | find "1  STOPPED" & if errorlevel 1 sc stop wuauserv", , Hide
    time = %A_Now%
    time += %interval%, seconds
    FormatTime, time_string, %time%, Time
    Menu, Tray, Tip, Stop Windows Update Service`nNext Execution at %time_string%
    SetTimer, StopService, %timer_param%

In 'Task Scheduler' go to Microsoft > Windows > WindowsUpdate In there is where I believe the 'windows update service' is started on boot

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