I have two partitions on my Ubuntu 10.04.3 server.

partition 1: /mnt/storage/  
partition 2: /var/www/myweb/  

now when i run the following command

$ ln /mnt/storage/sourcefile.txt /var/www/myweb/linkedfile.txt

i got this

ln: creating hard link `/var/www/myweb/linkedfile.txt' => `sourcefile.txt': Invalid cross-device link

any idea of how to make this symbolic link??


You cannot use hard links across file systems like that. You need to use ln -s to create a symbolic link.

ln -s /mnt/storage/sourcefile.txt /var/www/myweb/linkedfile.txt
$ ln -s /mnt/storage/sourcefile.txt /var/www/myweb/linkedfile.txt

type pwd in the terminal in the containing folder and take the full path of your partition then put it in

$ ln -s fullpath/sourcefile.txt fullpath/linkedfile.txt

then move the link to the destination partition

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