I am trying to write a bash function shown below. I am trying to scp my .bashrc to the target machine. I want to do modify the following function in the below two ways.

  1. I want to enter the password only once. Can I cache the password entered for scp and use the same for ssh.

  2. I also want to execute bash --rcfile from the server rather then from my machine.

My starting example code is below:

export_bashrc() {
    scp ~/.bashrc $1:/root/ws_karthik
    ssh $1
    bash --rcfile /root/ws_karthik/.bashrc  

Can anyone suggest how to get around this issue?

  1. Take a look at sshpass. If you haven't installed a configuration management tools such as: Puppet, Chef, ... I think you should setup public key authentication and use pssh to do a same command parallel on many servers at a time. (pscp to copy your ~/.bashrc)

  2. $ ssh -t $1 'bash --rcfile /root/ws_karthik/.bashrc'

Why didn't you copy ~/.bashrc to the home folder of ssh user?

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