I want to do some testing on how will system performance degrade with various changes in network throughput and latency. I am using Hyper-V for virtualization.

Is there a way I can artificially limit throughput and artificially induce latency between guests?

Thank you.


WanEM (http://wanem.sourceforge.net/) or Shunra (http://www.shunra.com/). Shunra's solutions are pretty much the defacto standard for network impairment and emulation. WanEm os open source and gets the job done for a particular link. Don't accept the default virtual machine model deployment for WanEm for the clock needs higher precision than what a virtual machine can offer for effective and consistent network impairment: Install it on a physical machine and adjust your routing to go through the WanEm host.


I've used TMNetSim with excellent results:


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