I got a VPS account that is supposed to be pretty performant ( they guarantee 2 2ghz CPU cores and 1.5gb ram). However for a couple of days its been crawling in perforamnce. I recorded a video where I launch Workbench and it is taking 12 minutes on server (through remote desktop)

I am running 3 monitoring tools so you can see that CPU/memory are fine.

Here is the video: slow performance video

I really need help , can't get much help from hosting support currently. Should I just run away? It wasn't always like that, but I had performance issues fairly often I must say, but they usually lasted maybe for 15 minutes and not 2 days.


Does your VPS has any sort of CPU or I/O guarantees? If your paying less then $100/mo, you almost certainly don't. Your likely sharing the hardware with many other active containers or VMs. It could be either CPU or I/O (disk or network) contention with other users. In general, running databases on VMs for anything other than trivial use is a formula for bad performance.

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  • yeah they say they guarantee 2 2 Ghz Cores and use HyperV Core so I am thinking that should mean I got those guarantees, cost is 70$ mo – Valentin Kuzub Aug 20 '11 at 11:21
  • You can burst to 4 cpus at Linode and it has had good numbers in performance reports. – Paul Aug 20 '11 at 17:09
  • You may be getting those guarantees. CPU != I/O. For example, AWS' VMs are excellent for compute but disk I/o (AWs EBS) can be painfully slow. – Joshua Hoblitt Aug 20 '11 at 20:31

Actually it was indeed some severe problems with HDD IO. After big discussion they moved my VPS on another machine and there IO is times times faster.

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