I have installed PostgreSQL 9.0 (postgresql) and PostGIS 1.5 (postgis) from Debian Backports on my freshly installed Squeeze (stable).

However, when trying to create a PostGIS-enabled database, I noticed that I’m missing the “enabler script” postgis.sql. According to the manual, it should be in [prefix]/share/contrib, but /usr/share/postgresql/9.0/contribdoesn’t exist until I install postgresql-contrib-9.0 as well, but the file isn’t included there as well.

Now apparently the file might come with the postgresql-x.x-postgis packages, however, there’s no such package for 9.0 yet (or I’m too stupid to find it).

So, Debian and PostGIS gods, what shall I do? Just get the .sql file from the PostGIS source? Install the postgresql-8.4-postgis package (which pulls PostgreSQL 8.4)? Something completely different?

(I need 8.3 or 9.0 because the OpenStreetMap installation guide I’m using says that 8.4 performs poorly with OSM, and I figured that instead of using 8.3 I might as well use the newer version. So, “you absolutely want to use 8.3 instead of 9.0” is a valid suggestion as well.)


According to the currently broken blog here (Googlecache). There is a repository of postgres9/postgis1.5.2/etc binaries for 64-bit architectures at

deb http://www.gmajna.net/svojat/jaka/apt-pgsql/ squeeze main contrib non-free

Otherwise, you'll probably need to compile and install postgis from source against 9.0 yourself, which will need the headers from the postgresql-server-dev-9.0 package.

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  • Since I don’t want to use unofficial repositories, I’ve installed PostGIS from source. Seems to work. Thank you very much. – scy Aug 31 '11 at 10:03

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