We have a few people that travel (sales reps) and when they are out of the office they need to be able to VPN in. We have an ASA5505 with Security+ and unlimited users. This restricts us to 25 VPN clients and 2 SSL VPN clients.

I have followed a few walkthroughs (as well as going through the VPN connection wizard) and I'm unable to get it to connect directly into our network.

Does anyone have a good walkthrough that goes through how to get this setup? I need to do the standard VPN users and we will be using windows VPN client to login.



Can you post (sanitizing sensitive details) the config you have now?

To answer in the generic, the main points you'll need to hit for client access VPN:

  • Configure your webvpn block to enable on the needed interface
  • Create an ip local pool for the VPN users
  • Create a group-policy controlling the protocol and tunneling mode, and setting DNS servers
  • Create a tunnel-group assigning the IP pool and group policy
  • Create NAT exemptions as needed to allow traffic to pass to the outside interface bound for the VPN clients without hitting an internet NAT
  • Configure authentication to allow for the users to log in to service-type remote-access
  • I'm not showing a good way to send my current config. Basically i'm trying to set the router as controlling the VPN connections vs a server. For testing i have allowed all traffic through the ASA firewall and routed all trafic (nat rule) from the external IP address (ISP) to the internal interface of the data network. I have gone through the IPsec VPN wizard and setup login. I am using windows 7's VPN client. When trying to connect the router gives a "Inbounc TCP connection denied from (origin external IP) to (VPN external IP) flags syn on interface (ISP interface) – Lbaker101 Sep 8 '11 at 19:41

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