a domain without a tld
So I found this website that is visitable and does not have a TLD? Anyone got any idea how to do this?


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It does have a TLD - in this case the TLD is ac.

This is actually a special case. Usually a TLD does not have an A record associated with it:

$ host -t A ac.
ac has address
$ host -t A com.
com has no A record

To get this behaviour, you would have to register your own TLD.


New gTLDs can be registered like the recent .xxx for a small fee (US$185,000):



It's likely you're using a dns 'default search domain' configured most likely via DHCP or a local hosts file setting.

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    That, or something set in the hosts file.
    – DerfK
    Sep 9, 2011 at 3:01

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