Any way to force the use of a defined host static route when the IP is on the same subnet and disregards the static route entry?

For instance I have a host host: with subnet and a default of

I'd like to communicate with via


Add the entry to the routing table:


route add mask


route add -host gw

However, you will likely have an asymmetric routing condition when return traffic from returns to your host. That return traffic, unless otherwise configured with a similarly mirrored route, will be directly delivered.

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Is this Windows? Linux? AIX?

For Windows, this command works fine:

route add mask

Even if you're inside the network, it will attempt to route. I can't vouch for behaviour on other OS's.

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As stated already, the route to the destination is localy changeable. The way back isn't this way. The reply packets will arrive you direct from host Next, you must make sure. that will forward packages.

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