So I replaced the battery for my Dell Perc 5/i controller since the machine had an error code that it needed to be replaced. I ordered the battery directly from dell based on the service code and installed it without issue.

In open manage it still showed as an issue, so I chose the option to learn under I went in to Dell Open Manage and told it to Learn/Cycle Storage->Perc->Battery->Tasks (it was the only option).

That was approximately 1 week ago! It said it could take 72 hours, but it's still going. This is the current status:

 Battery on Controller PERC 5/i Integrated  

Name Battery 0 
State Learning 
Predicted Capacity Status Unknown 
Learn State Active 
Next Learn Time 0 hours 
Maximum Learn Delay 7 days 0 hours 
Battery Tasks No Task Available


  • Did you ever find a solution? – David Aug 27 '12 at 17:55

I replaced batterys on 4 diffrent perc 5/i controllers just a week ago. It took about 12-24 hours to show up as OK state.


It's possible you got a bad battery. It trickle charges most likely at a very low voltage right? So I'd expect anywhere from 24 to 36 hours, maybe less. It could simply be reading the state wrong, try a cold shutdown of the server and power it back on and see if it persists. Then call Dell and get another battery sent out.


It could also be the controller or it's firmware. Have had a few like that.

  • Never had a faulty controller myself, but if a second replacement battery does the same thing that would be my next suspect. – voretaq7 Sep 9 '11 at 14:14

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