I am trying to set up a Websphere/IHS configuration for testing a project in my development machine.

I have Websphere 7 (developer version) and IHS 7 installed on a Windows 7 machine. I can reach my application on Websphere 7 entering the URL http://[my-host]:9080/myapp and that's how I have been testing it so far. Now I need to expose my application through the IHS so I can reach it by entering the URL http://[my-host]/myapp.

I have gone through the proccess of 1)Stopping Web Server, 2)Generate Plug-in, 3)Distribute Plugin, 4)Start Web Server with different variables with no luck.

I know the plugin file (plugin-cfg.xml) is in C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\HTTPServer\Plugins\config\[server-name]. The file actually includes myapp as Uri in the UriGroup.

I'm actually a Websphere and IHS newbie, so if you think I need to give more information or send actual files, please tell me and gladly help you help me.

Thanks in advance

  1. httpd.conf includes a reference to the plugin, and it points to the specific plugin configuration file you're checking, correct? (And actually, I don't know if quotes are required around the path.)

    WebSpherePluginConfig C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\HTTPServer\Plugins\config\[server-name]\plugin-cfg.xml

  2. The Name attribute in the UriGroup that contains your webapp context-root specifies which virtual host is handling that context-root. Technically, it refers to a Route element which refers to a VirtualHostGroup. Does that VirtualHostGroup contain the hostname:port combination on which you're trying to access your application?

  3. If all of that is correct, what's the specific error that is occurring? Timeout? 404? 500? Check the IHS log files and the plugin log file, which you can locate via the Log element in plugin-cfg.xml.

  4. You can also change the LogLevel attribute in the Log element. It can take the values Error, Warn, Stats, or Trace, with Error being the least amount of logging and Trace the greatest.

  • The first point was missing... I still had to add a module reference so I could load the configuration (www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21268651). It is also important to install the IBM Installation Manager to get the module dll.
    – Oso
    Sep 13 '11 at 1:39

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