How do I search Active Directory for objects by GUID? In other words, what would be a good way to find what objects belong to specified GUIDs?


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Either on a DC or install RSAT and enable AD Tools:

Open "Active Director Module for Windows PowerShell" (find it in with the other Admin tools)

get-aduser -id {guid}

Or for any object:

get-adobject -id {guid}

Might want to pipe it through a format-list to make it readable:

get-adobject -id {guid} | fl
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    +1, simplest answer with native tools. If you're at a regular powershell prompt and don't want to open the AD Module for PS in the start menu you can just run import-module ActiveDirectory and all of the same cmdlets will be available in your powershell session.
    – MDMarra
    Sep 12, 2011 at 17:57

Using Powershell and the QuestAD cmdlets, the following code returns my user account based on my guid.

$Guid = "d65e4578-475a-422e-ac99-123456789012"

Get-QADUser -IncludeAllProperties|Where {$_.guid -eq $Guid}

Not the most efficient manner since it loads all objects from AD while doing the search, but it worked for me.

$guid = "d65e4578-475a-422e-ac99-123456789012"

foreach ($dom in (Get-adforest).Domains) { Get-ADObject -filter {ObjectGUID -eq $guid } -Properties * -Server $dom | fl }

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