I use two VPS's from one hoster: one under Windows and other under Linux. I have sent ping from Windows instance to Linux and got 69ms time. I was shocked. I expected values like 1ms (as I previously asked support and got an answer that both VPSs are physically located in one network).

After that I have written to my hoster and received an answer like: "Yes, it is 69ms and it is normal". In what world is it normal?

What could be the reasons for such a big ping time (except the case that Linux and Windows VPS are located in different datacenters)?


This is most likely caused by contention on one or more network devices (server nic, switch, router, etc) between the two VPSes. It could be caused by CPU contention on the host, but that would be very unlikely.

I should add that there is no such thing as a "normal" ping time. However, if it is true that these VPSes reside "close" to each other, a 69ms ping time seems a bit long.

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    Agreed. The switches in some farms are a little overworked, and getting packets from one server to another can be slow-ish if there are a lot of data-intensive websites or medias being hosted. I would complain, if it really bothers you, and maybe they can move you to two close-to-eachother servers.
    – U4iK_HaZe
    Sep 12 '11 at 22:36

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