I have two servers , Fedora 14 with dspam , Fedora 15 with dspam The old dspam is working fine, while the new one is giving me this error:

dspam[23110]: segfault at 7f5baafe9dc0 ip 00007f5baa32415b sp 00007f5baa31a140 error 4 in libhash_drv.so.7.0.0[7f5baa320000+6000]

dspam.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=11

I tried to downgrade the dspam version on Fedora 15 but with no luck and the process die in about 10 minutes.

Update : Seems there was a bug with dspam 3.9.0 I have updated it to 3.10 and it worked fine



If you're not familiar with C, all you can do is run dspam via strace:

$ strace -o /tmp/dspam.strace dspam

or gdb:

$ gdb dspam
(gdb) run
(gdb) bt full

and submit this info to dspam developers.

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