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What tool do you use to monitor your servers?

I want to monitor around 30-50 servers. This includes:

  • Is MySQL running?
  • Is Apache2 running?
  • How high is the ping?

If any of the Services fail (not pingable, MySQL down, ...) i want to receive an email with a detailed status report.

I'd love to see a nice web interface, too :)

Further: I want the system to try to reboot the server (at the moment, when a server fails i have to reboot it manually).

Is this possible, if yes, how?

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There are several tools in the space. Depending on how complex your problem and how much you want to learn will determine the solution. Nagios was mentioned by @Matteo. It is a very good tool, cross-platform, very powerful and a bit complex on the config side.

ZenOSS is supposedly simpler to configure.

Monit is lighter-weight and capable of handling your tasks. All three have the capability to notify and take remediaton actions.


Nagios is an option. It has many plugins to check for processes, network, ... It has a web interface and you can define, in addition to the notifications also actions to be performed.


Another possible solution is Zabbix - it has lots of features, can be fully managed through web-based front-end and is easier for configuration than Nagios. Moreover, it can run remote commands, so it will be pretty easy to restart services (or the whole server) upon failure.

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