I subscribe to a provider than gives me a virtual private server running Windows Server 2008 R2, from which I host several low-traffic websites. Currently, Windows Update runs automatically on this box and once in a while I will log on and see that it has been restarted because of updates having been applied.

Like I said, the sites are relatively low-traffic, but I'd hate to have the site become unavailable in the middle of someone's session.

I realize that there are ways to disable both the automatic updates and the reboot, but I'm curious:
Is there any intelligent checking for active connections or IIS idle time before forcing the system to restart?


Not by default, no. It will reboot once that timer expires regardless of what is happening on the server at the time.

This is why having a strict update policy is a must for public facing servers (and also for real-time servers like SQL and RDS/Terminal Services).

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