I have a blade server of HP proliant with 64 Gb of RAM and 1TB hard-disk. I installed Cent OS 5.6 with XEN enabled on it.

I used xenbr0(xenbridge) mode and not virbr0 mode for configuring my networking in XEN.

I was successful in installing virtual machines on it and cloning them. I started 8 of these VMs and everything worked fine, but when I started 9th VM (excluding Dom-0) following error came.

"Error starting domain : post operation failed:xend_post:error from xen daemon:(xend.err) 'Device 768(vbd) could not be connected. Failed to find an unused loop device"

I tried searching for the solution and found that I need to increase "options netloop nloopbacks". I did it in /etc/modprob.d file and rebooted the system but it didn't work either.

I didn't understand it but am I doing something wrong here. I target to install 100 VMs on this machine as I have enough hardware resources. Is it possible? and if yes how can I solve above problem?


you need to create more loopback devices (/dev/loopX where X is 0-7). By default there is 8

If you have loopback compiled into the kernel (which most people do) you can add this to the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst


Then reboot

Also, you can try editing /etc/modprobe.conf and adding

options loop max_loop=128

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