I have a small windows VPS running IIS7 and SQL Server. But I'd like to do mail as well.

The only functionality I'd like to add to it would be to: Be able to make catch-all for my domains and make the received mail redirect to another email address.

So *@domain1.example would be sent to my Gmail. *@domain2.example would be sent to my colleague's Gmail, etc.

I just want it to be fast and lightweight. Free would be cool, too.

  • I stumbled upon hMailServer, it seems to fit my needs, any comments? – Tommy B. Sep 23 '11 at 15:54

If you want all mails redirected to Gmail, then you can accept it there instead. Without redirecting. All mails are handled at Google directly. This is called Google Apps and is free for no charge for a limited amount of users. And as I understood you only have one per domain.

  • OMG! I never thought of this! You are totally right! Thank you! I'll try it out right now! :-D – Tommy B. Sep 23 '11 at 17:01

MailEnable is a lightwieght and free Windows mail server, dead easy too

Google for it, you can set it up as easy or as complex as you like

Good luck

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