I'm trying to figure out a way to publish my screen using VNC or a similar technology. My intention is to connect a remote PC to a projector/display and connect to that PC so that i can share my screen and have it displayed on the projector.

Ultimately, the solution should support audio as well.

I'm using VNC the 'other way' daily, meaning that i connect to servers and view their screens. However, I'm uncertain as to wether it would be possible to 'reverse' things and publish my screen.


There are expensive projectors that have a NIC built-in, and can do exactly what you're talking about natively. Alternatively there are hardware bridges for such a thing, search "vga over IP" or "hdmi over IP" and you should find them. FWIW I've had good experiences with StarTech


VLC has the capability to create a video stream of a system's desktop and send it to other systems on a network.

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