I've gotten my Cisco 1142n autonomous AP configured with every option under the sun, but I still can't get dynamic VLAN assignment working!

I verified the following:

  • I give priority to VLAN assignment via RADIUS with aaa authorization network default group radius
  • The encryption across all VLANs which might be assigned is the same
  • Using debug radius auth I can tell that the AP is receiving the appropriate RADIUS attributes
  • I've ensured that the necessary broadcast messages are being sent (on capability and membership changes)

Long story short, I'm pulling my hair out like you CANNOT believe. What am I missing?

Here's my running config: http://dpaste.com/hold/621393/

Thank you SO much in advance for any help you can provide!

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According to https://supportforums.cisco.com/thread/2171534 it's impossible without an WLC. I came to this conclusion after trying the same thing for hours.

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