I am going a little crazy trying to get Samba working and would really appreciate some pointers. It's quite possible that I have misconfiged some part of the network configuration too.

I am running Ubuntu 11.04 Server. smbd reports version 3.5.8.

My server has two network interfaces configured. One is the primary interface I usually use (eth0), and there is another which will only be used for samba (eth3).

I can always get to the server via eth0, and it works perfectly. However, eth3 just refuses to work. I've experimented with these settings in smbd.conf:

interfaces = eth3
bind interfaces only = yes

But eth3 still does not work. Any ideas?

More information:

  • I can ping eth3
  • I can ssh into eth3
  • iptables is down
  • I can run nmap against eth3 and it reports Samba is listening (so I don't think a switch is blocking ports)
  • I've set samba logging to log level 3, but cannot see anything interesting in the samba logs (so maybe its not a samba problem...?)
  • nmbd is not running (I don't need it if I'm connecting via the servers IP, right?)
  • output of netstat -tapn | grep smbd
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1843/smbd
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1843/smbd
tcp6 0 0 fe80::b699:baff:feb:445 :::* LISTEN 1843/smbd
tcp6 0 0 fe80::b699:baff:feb:139 :::* LISTEN 1843/smbd

Figured it out:

On the windows machine, the network card which was connecting to eth0 has "Client for Microsoft Networks" enabled.

The network card which was connecting to eth3 had it disabled.

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