I installed passenger with rails 1.9.2 in a rvm but I'm getting errors when trying to load anything. (We're sorry but something went wrong). I'm able to load a txt file out of the public directory.

It looks like passenger is working:

jon@ve:~$ apache2ctl -t -D DUMP_MODULES
Loaded Modules:
passenger_module (shared)
Syntax OK

In the top level apache error log, I see the non-descript:

 cache: [GET /jt] miss
 [Tue Sep 27 13:36:50 2011] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down

The vhost container is:

<VirtualHost *:80>
   ServerName domain.com
   ServerAlias www.domain.com
   DocumentRoot /var/www/testapp/public

What would be the next place to look?

  • Add a ErrorLog directive for your virtual host, reprodure this error and take a look at this. – quanta Sep 29 '11 at 7:09

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