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Subversion error: Repository moved permanently to please relocate

I cannot check out my SVN repository. I think I have my config file written correctly:

# <!-- Begin SVN Config -->
    <VirtualHost *:80>
        Alias svn /
        ServerName svn.sachemsoftworks.com
        DocumentRoot /svn/
        ServerAdmin webmaster@sachemsoftworks.com
        <Location /svn>
            DAV svn
            SVNParentPath /svn/
            AuthType Basic
            AuthName "Sachem Softworks Projects"
            AuthUserFile /svn/.dav_svn.passwd
            Require valid-user
# <!-- /End SVN Config -->

Is there anything wrong with this config? The exact error I get when performing a checkout is:

svn: Repository moved permanently to 'http://svn.sachemsoftworks.com/blackoutMgr/'; please relocate

I don't really understand what the problem is but if I try to browse the repository in a browser it works perfectly fine.


What URL are you trying to use to check out?

You don't want that Alias directive, remove that; if you want to not use /svn/reponame as your path then change your <Location /svn> to just <Location />.

Move your DocumentRoot to point to some empty directory somewhere that's not going to fight with the SVN module's handler too, as discussed in the question that quanta linked, and that should cover it.

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