I have one DNS server installed on windows 2003 server in our private network. I have configured one domain (xyz.com) on this same machine with all forward lookup and reverse lookup zone. Now I want to create one more domain not subdomain on this same machine. So I want to create pqr.com and not pqr.xyz.com.

Is it possible, if yes how can I do that?


It's not clear to me from your question if you're referring to an AD domain or a DNS forward lookup zone. Did you create an AD domain named xyz.com with a corresponding DNS zone and you now want to create a new AD domain named pqr.com?

Or is it that you want to create only a new DNS zone named pqr.com?

If it's the latter then just create a new forward lookup zone on your DNS server named pqr.com.

  • Not AD domain just DNS domain, I will try your solution. – stillStudent Sep 29 '11 at 11:35
  • OK then, simply create a new forward lookup zone on the server (at the root, not at your existing zone). Just right click the Forward Lookup Zones node and select "New Zone" and proceed accordingly. – joeqwerty Sep 29 '11 at 11:40
  • Though I created new zone added some host for it and configured forwarder. And the hostnames in the domains are getting pinged. But I was trying to register one PC in the network to this domain, error comes up saying 'domain controller' pqr.com can't be contacted. Am I missing something here? – stillStudent Sep 29 '11 at 12:05
  • Well the new zone isn't the DNS zone for your AD domain, it's just a standard forward lookup zone and as such no domain SRV records exist in this zone. What are you trying to accomplish? It sounds like you're trying to create a new AD domain and join computers to it? Is that the case? – joeqwerty Sep 29 '11 at 12:40
  • Oh, I got that after reading somethings about this issue. It seems I was treating new domain as new AD domain and not DNS domain, so it happened. But just having DNS domain can solve my problem. But what I really wanted to achieve is to have two different domains on same machine and register different PCs in same subnet say pc A to xyz domain and pc B to pqr domain. In that case I think I need to create two AD domains and not DNS domain. And I suppose creating two AD domain on single machine is not possible.? – stillStudent Sep 29 '11 at 13:21

It is possible. You need to create a new zone on the server. After you do that you can create all of the necessary records like you did for the first zone.

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