I am trying to update SpamAssassin's config on my server, since for whatever reason it thinks that DNSWL is whitelisting every incoming mail message. I put adjusted scores in /etc/mail/local.cf, but the settings are ignored. I think this is because update_spamassassin_org.cf is read afterwards and the individual included files in the update_spamassassin_org directory are read even later. These settings override my attempt to disable DNSWL and tweak some other items.

How can I get SpamAssassin to read local.cf (or some other file) at the VERY end of the config processing so that it overrides any other settings?

  • Depends on the distribution.
    – mailq
    Oct 1, 2011 at 21:21
  • I am running RHEL 5 with cPanel. Oct 2, 2011 at 1:58
  • Had the same problem with Zimbra. I'm wondering if sa-update will overwrite my local.cf if I make it a symlink from the update_spamassassin_org directory.
    – Mojo
    Oct 23, 2012 at 20:06
  • I'm not clear how this wasn't a clear question. I did get an answer below, so it did appear answerable. Jul 16, 2013 at 2:12

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local.cf is always parsed second-last, immediately before the user-prefs. You need to have this file in the correct location for it to work (by default /etc/mail/spamassassin), but if it isn't doing what you expect, it's likely a problem with the directives you've specified (which you've not specified to us).

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