I uploaded all symfony framework files to my godaddy windows shared hosting that supports php5 but I cannot access when I try to type the folder path? It shows a 401 authentication error but when I uploaded a normal php file it was working perfectly. Could it be an issue with .htaccess file as I found that there is not htaccess in windows hosting. Someone please help!


I'm not sure if you can use Symfony (v2 or v1, BTW?) without modification VirtHost settings for development. Htaccess is useful, but nor virthost spec nor htaccess contain nothing for basic http-auth.

I have a working (WAMP) Symfony 1.x host and can show (and understand) it's config.

In common, on-site instruction for starting Symfony is rather full and detailed, without Alias /sf ... it will not work (based on own experience).

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