I followed this tutorial on installing gitorious http://coding-journal.com/installing-gitorious-on-ubuntu-11-04/ . I have never install ruby on rails or gitorious so my knowledge is new.

I am getting an error after browsing to the domain that I am using. The error reads Syntax error line 3 col 22; repository_base_path: "/var/www/gitorious/repositories""


    repository_base_path: "/var/www/gitorious/repositories"
    gitorious_client_port: 80
    gitorious_host:  git.mypressbox.biz
    archive_cache_dir:  /var/www/gitorious/tarballs
    archive_work_dir:  /tmp/tarballs-work
    hide_http_clone_urls:  true
    is_gitorious_dot_org:  false

I dont know what to change. Running gem -v returns 1.8.11 . Any help is greatly appreciated.


What about removing tabs? I was having similar problem than I found this and solved:

"I suspect this is a YAML parser error; you should make sure you use the same indentation throughout the file (spaces vs tabs, number of spaces etc.). Your editor probably has a switch for displaying spaces/tabs, this should be of help..."

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