Newb question: Running CentOS 5.x I had an older version of PHP (about 5.2.9 or something) and I downloaded the source for and installed the latest (5.2.17). Now, I checked yum and it had PHP 5.2.17 so I installed it. So now I have php installed by yum in /usr/bin and my old manual install in /usr/local/bin. I'm getting an exception 'pdo_mysql extension not installed' when I try to run php from the command line for some users and I think that the problem is that I have two PHPs running around. How can I get rid of the manually installed one?



"make uninstall" in the source dir. If that doesn't work, bring out rm


So, you've compiled and installed php from source, right? You may yum remove php and then make install from source php dir for sure, that all is right.

  • Thanks but for consistency I'd rather do everything the yum way. I forgot why we installed from source a few months ago, but now that yum has caught up I feel like it would be better to get rid of the manual install and keep the yum install. – Max Oct 6 '11 at 12:01

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