I have a Windows server 2003 with two NIC one is setup to connect to the network with static IP/internet, and the other one is supposed to be used internally as DHCP server. However I am having trouble setting this DHCP. The taskbar icon shows the first NIC with static IP as ok, however the second NIC have limited functionality. I need this NIC to act as DHCP after following some DHCP server how-to.

Any ideas.

  • What is it that you're trying to do exactly. You talk about setting up DHCP on this server, but you seem to be talking about fiddling with the NICs on the box. You don't configure a DHCP server that way; its a server component that needs to be installed once Windows itself is installed. – Rob Moir Oct 9 '11 at 13:39

There is no need to have two NIC's in this configuration. Disable the 2nd NIC and your DHCP should be running fine on the 1st NIC. You may be confusing a DHCP Server NIC which needs to have a static IP assigned, vs. a DHCP Client NIC which should be set to automatic/DHCP. It sounds like you didn't set your second NIC to a static IP, but you don't need two NIC's anyway.

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