I found a nice wealth of information on some commands that I use in /usr/share/doc. Some are in a weird format though with tags such as:

  • \verbatim and \endverbatim
  • \section and \endsection

Any idea what format this is? E.g. of one of the files: /usr/share/doc/rpm-*/spec

  • Maybe troff? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troff – Zoredache Oct 13 '11 at 22:29
  • Almost all of the documents on my SL6.1 system are plain text. There are a few which seem to be in some sort of Markup language (lAtEx?). There are even a few in HTML, or PDFs! – Stefan Lasiewski Oct 13 '11 at 23:05

It's a LaTeX file. The file(1) command is useful for determining a file's type, e.g.:

$ file /usr/share/doc/rpm-4.8.1/*                                                                                                        
/usr/share/doc/rpm-4.8.1/builddependencies: ASCII English text                                                                           
/usr/share/doc/rpm-4.8.1/buildroot:         LaTeX document text                                                                          
/usr/share/doc/rpm-4.8.1/ChangeLog.bz2:     bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k                                                     
/usr/share/doc/rpm-4.8.1/conditionalbuilds: ASCII English text                                                                           
/usr/share/doc/rpm-4.8.1/COPYING:           ASCII English text                                                                           
/usr/share/doc/rpm-4.8.1/spec:              LaTeX document text                                                   
/usr/share/doc/rpm-4.8.1/triggers:          LaTeX document text                                                                          
/usr/share/doc/rpm-4.8.1/tsort:             LaTeX document text
  • Thanks! Any idea how to best view them? – Belmin Fernandez Oct 14 '11 at 12:29
  • Just run pdflatex FILENAME.tex which will produce FILENAME.pdf. Sometimes you are lucky and the file is shebang'ed in which case you just execute the file. If you get stuck ask on TeX.StackExchange – Carel Jan 24 '17 at 10:33

It looks like LaTeX format

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