How can I set up Wildcard DNS on a pfSense embedded device running pfSense 2.0?


  • pfSense uses dnsmasq as a DNS forwarder
  • Running the current pfSense release, 2.0
  • Running on a Netgate M1n1wall embedded firewall.
  • I have root access via ssh if necessary

This was no quick google search or RTFM. After visiting many sites, many dead ends, and a little trial and error, I figured this out:

  1. Log in to pfSense 2.0 instance via the web interface.
  2. Go to Services-> DNS Forwarder (http://pfSensense_url/services_dnsmasq.php)
  3. Click the Advanced button Add as many of the following as you need, each entry on a new line.


Where dev is the end of the wildcard entry, and is the ip that these wildcard names will resolve to. Think of dev as *.dev, but only list the part after the dot. So myhost.dev, myhost.subdomain.dev, and anything else that ends in .dev and is not defined elsewhere, will resolve to the ip provided.

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