I regularly accrue charges for disk space allowance overuse. I'm in a shared hosting environment. I've gone through and deactivated logs and removed files, but seems like every month, I'm right back where I was...

Are there certain things I should look for, or that contribute to overuse?

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    What OS? Do you have root access? Shell access? Are you allowing file uploads? What else could be causing disk space to accumulate?
    – symcbean
    Oct 17, 2011 at 15:58

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What are your current disk space allotments? Generally speaking, it might be better to find a different host (one that fits into your specific requirements) then to be nickled and dimed to death for overages.

  1. Perform a disk space audit.
    • If your audit does not reveal a problem ask your provider for their data.
    • If your audit does reveal that you're over your alloted disk quota:
      1. Determine what is using the space.
      2. Determine if you need it.
        • If you need it, either pay the overages, change hosting plans or seek a new provider.
        • If you don't need it, delete it.

If you have shell access to the server you can use du to report on your disk usage (assuming it's a unix box since you tagged the question with ).

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