How to stop the Tomcat 6.0 server ?

Under bin direcctory it has got only 4 files namely

bootstrap, tomcat6 , tomcat6w , tomcat-juli

Under TaskManager also , Windows Processes also , there is nothing related to tomcat

How can we stop the server instance now (I need to stop it as i modified some web.xml file )

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Depends on how you started it.

If you started it by startup.bat, just use shutdown.bat which reside in the very same folder.

If it's started as Windows service (why have you by the way installed it as a Windows service if your intent is apparently to develop with it, not to run in production?), then you should restart the Windows service by service manager (start > run > services.msc).


If you are running tomcat as a service then you should go to control panel>service an dthen start/stop from there. Otherwise, there should be batch file called shutdown.bat in bin directory.

How did you start the tomcat btw?


Tomcat6w is a GUI application for monitoring and configuring Tomcat services.

Use it (it opens in the tasktray)


If tomcat 6 on windows is started as a service with a diffeernt name, you have to copy tomcat6w.exe to servicenamew.exe. Then it will find it. Don't forget the w. For example, i have a tomcat6 that runs as "talend_tac". I had to copy tomcat6w to talend_tacw.exe, then it would control the service.

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