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How to install grub on a completely empty hard drive?

I've got a new os setup in virtualbox. I booted into it with gparted live cd. how can I install grub on the mbr from this point? All the documentation I can find seems to assume you already have a linux installation installed. At the moment my partition layound is /dev/sda and with a partition table created with gparted live to msdos

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  • Yes, it can be installed in the MBR. – mailq Oct 25 '11 at 12:22

If you have installed an OS, then either

  • A. you already have a bootloader installed and/or configured, or
  • B. you need to boot using a live/recovery-CD in order to use this OS.

If you do not have a bootable OS (why not?), then you need to install a bootloader.

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