Hello I want a virtual ftp user to upload web stuff so I want one using http user and webgroup (I group I created).

So I did:

pure-pw useradd webftp -u http -g webgroup -d /srv/http
pure-pw mkdb

And restarted the daemon.

When I try to log in it says:

530 Sorry, but I can't trust you

I created a ftpuser as the official guide says:

useradd -g ftpgroup -d /dev/null -s /etc ftpuser

and I Did:

pure-pw useradd webftp -u ftpuser -g webgroup -d /srv/http
pure-pw mkdb

Now It works but I want http to be the user so there is something that pure-pw doesn't like about http user:


ftpuser have no directory, http user have /srv/http and http user have no shell.

What exactly is making this trouble? And... I'm not sure if I change something about the user and chorokee will cry or something (I think that the user was created that way for a reason).


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For the records. The problem was that pureftpd have a "MinUID" variable and it doesn't allow an user of UID < 100 to log in.

  • I have this error, but my MinUID is fine, user is 504, MinUID is 500 .. trying to use Pam Auth which used to work. I was tailed /var/log/messages and realized I my uploadscript was not starting even though I had CallUploadScript yes. That seemed to fix the problem. The uploadscript has to be started before pure-ftpd.
    – radtek
    May 14, 2019 at 17:33

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