I am having problems with Basic Authentication in IIS 7.5.

I have:

  • enabled Basic Authentication on my site
  • disabled Anonymous Authentication on the same site
  • Added an IIS user and allowed said user to the site
  • Added read/write permissions for Basic Authentication on said site (feature delegation)

Its still not working. It prompts for username and password, but does not accept the user/pass i've created.

Any ideas?

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"Added an IIS User" -> Do you mean IIS Manager user?

If so, these aren't real Windows users - just a username and a password in a text file somewhere: they don't have a SID or security tokens, and can't be used for Basic authentication. Not using the out-of-the-box configuration, anyway.

Create a (real) Windows user, and it'll be usable for Basic auth.


Edit: I just noticed you said something else - Feature Delegation doesn't describe permissions to the site contents, it's whether a non-Administrator can configure those features at a lower level within the site in a web.config file - essentially, which IIS feature icons are usable when they connect to the computer via the Management Service.

The answer is roughly the same, though:

  • reset delegation to defaults (you didn't mean to change it; it's dangerous to change some of the delegation settings from defaults under these conditions)
  • create a Windows user in Server Manager
  • assign permissions to that Windows user either at the file system level, or using the URL Authorization feature
  • Thank you. Its working now. Also, undid the feature delegation. Oct 27, 2011 at 9:36
  • Excellent! Glad you got it working.
    – TristanK
    Oct 27, 2011 at 9:38

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