I am trying to install Bugzilla on my Windows 7 machine. I have only been able to get the apache,mysql,perl stack operational by installing XAMPP. Apache works well for php, and mysql seems quite happy, yet I can't get apache to execute cgi for bugzilla.

When I browse to 'http://localhost/bugzilla/', I get the following error:

couldn't create child process: 720002: index.cgi

I found this page when googling the error, https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Win32Install, but all the settings it recommends adding to or uncommenting in apache's httpd.conf are already present. What else can I do?

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  • Do you have the cgi files associated with perl? Try double click one. Also, please post the first line of index.cgi. – Paul Nov 6 '11 at 6:48

Have you tried running the script checksetup.pl, what it say ?

These two links could be useful read for you :

https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:FAQ:Bugzilla_and_Win32 https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Win32Install#Configure_CGI

  • Hehe, every time I run that script it says something different. When I posted my question though, it reported a DB error. Googling that error suggested I could clear the 'check_db' setting to proceed. The db is alive and well though, and the connection settings in localconfig are correct. – ProfK Nov 1 '11 at 17:19

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